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Mighty Quinn

4/5 103 2nd Ave New York, NY 10003 b/t 7th St & 6th St in East Village (212) 677-3733


Ipswich Clambox

This is the BEST fried scallops I have ever tasted!! It is also the only fried scallops I have tried so far though, so that isn’t saying much. But I am pretty certain that nothing else comes close, at least not in the area. Why else would people arrive in droves to little town with […]


(Recipe) Burrata

I hope you are as excited as I am with the prospect of making burrata from home after watching Chef Steps‘ recipe video. Traditionally, burrata is a mozzarella shell filled with strands of mozzarella along with lots of heavy cream, thus giving the cheese a rich velvety texture with a nice elastic bite. Drizzle a […]


(Recipe) Carrot Cake

Carrot cake, Turnip cake, Radish cake or Cai Tau Kueh. In Singapore, they refer the same thing – a crispy omelette made with rice cake and pickled radish. It is a savory dish, not to be confused with the dessert carrot cake that we are used to here. Picture the fragrance of the egg, the […]


(Recipe) Instant Tiramisu

I love Tiramisu. Nothing quite beats its lightness and delicate flavor if you are looking for the perfect ending to a nice Italian meal. The primary ingredient is Mascarpone cheese, and I can think of no better dish that highlights the sublime sweetness of the Mascarpone better than Tiramisu! The sweetness also acts as a beautiful […]


Mango Sticky Rice (With black glutinous rice)

Recipe (Serves 4-6): 2 x cups of glutinous rice (aka sweet rice) x black glutinous rice 1 can of coconut milk, your fav brand (about 2 cups) 4-6 tbsp of sugar according to taste 1-2 tsp of salt according to taste 2 strips of panda leaves 3 Ripe Mangoes (I use champagne mangos) Toasted Coconut […]


Sweet Cheeks – Ramen

My radar blipped the moment Boston magazine wrote an article titled The best ramen you’ve ever tasted. The best? That is a bold statement for a town that has only just sprouted a ramen scene. What’s more, you won’t find it at a small cosy ramen establishment like yume wo katare. Instead, it is served […]


2014 Boston Magazine Food Bazaar

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The first restaurant week of the season. I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic start, but it was not bad either. Toscano does serve some respectable items on their menu, but you may have to dig deep into review sites to find their hidden gems. To start the meal, they serve warm focaccia with a […]


Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen is a restaurant located in New Hampshire. At first glance, this looks like a place where you can expect to part with at least $30 dollar for a simple plate of pasta. This is probably true for dinner, but for lunch, but we actually paid a lot less for a lot more! Just […]


(Recipe) Ciabatta Burger

Ciabatta. A bread best eaten fresh, with evoo and basalmic vinegar, or with leftover marinara from the most delicious ciopinno. There is nothing quite like starting a meal with fresh ciabatta, and a recent meal at Tuscan got me excited about making my own. But why stop there? No one makes just one ciabatta roll […]


Vietnamese Coffee

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