Egg’s Benedict

Nothing like enjoying brunch with friends.

Oven-roasted tomatoes using mini cherry tomotoes. Drizzle with oilive oil, black pepper, and salt. Heat in oven at about 175-225F for about 4 hours, or until the tomato is sticky like raisins but not crunchy.


Poached eggs in a non-stick pan filled with simmering water. Use the trick with the sieve from serious eats to get a beatifully poached egg. No vinegar or salt added. Make sure the bottom of the pan isn’t bubbling excessively. But it should still be close to boiling point, else the egg would take too long to cook and the yolk will harden. Also, using a silicon spatula, move/roll the egg by sliding the spatula under the egg and pushing it gently. This prevents the egg white in contact with the pan from coagulating too quickly and developing a golfball surface. I prepared mine the night before and reheated them in a pan of simmering water for about 30-60sec.

(Update) Always use fresh eggs. If the egg is old, the white will be loose and spread all over. In fact, it’ll look like a sunny side up in water, and you can imagine just how little egg white there is left on top of the yolk to coat it. By the time the egg is done, the yolk remain almost visible through the thin white. Any perturbation will push it out of the sac. Even the best rolling technique will not save it.

Prepared hollandaise sauce as per serious eats as well. Just a tip. While it is almost fool-proof, I did screw it up by adding piping hot butter  in too quickly, creating a curdled mix. Add a little at a time. The first addition is crucial. Be sure to create a nice emulsion first before adding more. The butter does not have to be smoking either!


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