Ipswich Clambox

This is the BEST fried scallops I have ever tasted!! It is also the only fried scallops I have tried so far though, so that isn’t saying much. But I am pretty certain that nothing else comes close, at least not in the area. Why else would people arrive in droves to little town with practically nothing else except a building shaped like a clam box?

Ipswich clam box is a shack/take-out joint that specializes in fried seafood like clams, fish, shrimp, lobsters and scallops. Mind you, when they say scallops, they mean the big juicy kinds, not the wimpy bay scallops that almost looks miserable in comparison. Maybe if you like fried batter, bay scallops would maximize the surface area for batter coating, but come on, who are we kidding. Just like how real man eats bacon by the stacks, we want our fried scallops to be HUGE, CHUNKY, and in ABUNDANCE. And ipswich clam box delivers with no reservations! For $20+ dollars, you get not one, not two, but a ming-boggling number of the delicious morsels! Hidden beneath its wonderfully crisp exterior is a slightly translucent flesh that is sweet, juicy, and not overcooked at all. If I had to mention one quibble, it would be the lack of seasoning. For the scallops, this worked surprisingly well because it was so rich in flavor anyway. But for the other dishes, the lack of salt starts becomes immediately obvious. Nonetheless, it wasn’t something that a dash of tartar sauce and ketchup couldn’t fix!


It may be out of the way, but I would highly recommend at least one visit in you are as big a fan of seafood as I am.


246 High St
Ipswich, MA 01938
(978) 356-9707

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