(Recipe) Pineapple Tarts

What’s CNY without a healthy dose of pineapple on shortbread? Time consuming, yes, but the end result is definitely worth every minute!

Pastry recipe can be found here!

For the jam,

3 x pineapples

8 tbsp of granulate sugar

1 tsp of cloves

1 stick of cinnamon

a light sprinkle of cinnamon powder

a pinch of salt


Jam – Make sure the jam is dry. A wet jam will hinder the baking of the tart/shell/crust etc. Remove the cloves before the jam turns brown since it becomes more difficult to spot the clove once the jam caramelizes. Use a non stick pot for easy cleaning. Make sure the heat is on low since the viscosity of the jam makes it really easy to scorch the jam. Stir frequently.

I tried to reduce the jam in an oven. It didn’t work very well since the top tended to caramelized excessively at high heat while leaving behind a lot of water. At heat, it took really long for the jam to reduce. Frequent stirring is needed for this to work.

Pastry – Tried the recipe from little teochew and boy did I spoil my tart. I took the advice to its extreme and ended up not with a crumbly shortbread, but with a flaky tart crust. Sure, it’s harder to achieve a piecrust-like consistency, getting it right here doesn’t help at all. In case you were wondering what happened, I cooled pretty much everything in the freezer for 15-30 min, including the mixing bowl, the butter, the dry mix etc. Admittedly, my mix was grainer than that this, but I stopped rubbing the butter anyway in case it melted. I added barely enough water to hold the dough together too. Turns out, these were more or less the exact steps for making a flaky crust…

I will attempt to knead the remaining dough at room temperature and see if I churn out a crumble instead. You may want to try baking a few tarts first, and fine tune the crust depending on the result.

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