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I love to eat. That’s nothing quite like the burst of umami goodness when I bite into a perfectly cooked, medium-rare piece of succulent porterhouse. Or the smooth, fragrant bak chor mee  (my favorite dish from home) waking my palette as the spicy chilli oil hits my tongue the first thing in the morning. With so many gastronomical delights that the world has to offer, I am excited to taste and catalog as many dishes as I can lay my hands on.

One of the reasons why food is so intriguing to me is the history behind it. Who was the first person who decided to shuck oyster, when it clearly looked more like a rock than a creature with creamy edible innards? Who would think to try sour milk/yogurt and realize that it is a way to preserve milk when most of the time, it probably gave a courageous experimenter a stomach upset? Why does every culture has some form of fried dough? There is definitely a rich history behind food, and in there lie the similarities and differences that we will need to embrace if we want to have a deeper appreciation for food!

It should come as no surprise that no food blogs are created equal. Food to different individuals can mean really different things. Our palettes will differ depending on the kind of food we grew up with. We prioritize different properties of a dish, be it taste, presentation, smell, service, price or concept. This explains why we are sometimes beset with disappointment when we rely on review sites where the demographics of the reviewers may be drastically skewed. It is not about reading how a majority of reviewers rate a dish, but rather, about finding the few reviewers that share the same taste profile as you and trusting their palettes. What I hope macadish.com will offer, is an insight into the likes and dislikes of a Singaporean tongue plunged into a cosmopolitan of gourmet delights.

There is no easy way to convey the special moment when somthign delicious hits our mouth. How would you describe, in words, the sinful indulgence of an italian ‘Pick Me Up‘ that unleashes its bold coffee creaminess with no reservations? (Maybe I just did?) I do have a strong aptitude for anything visual, so I will attempt to relay my culinary experiences through photography, which I hope will give you a better measure of the various dimensions of the dish.

I am still relatively new to Boston, so my exposure to the culinary scene here is still growing. If you have a place that you would like to try (and pick up some food photography pointers at the same time), feel free to contact me.

Without further ado, Bon Appetite!


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