Shake Shack – Chestnut Hill (Updated: Harvard Square)

Any burger connoisseur would have heard of the Shake Shack, the NY burger joint that has inspired many hopes and dreams for burger fans all around the world. A burger joint that has successfully made its way to the top of any tourist’s New York’s must-see list in the short few years since its debut, definitely deserves special mention. For fans in New England who does not wish to make the 3 hour long pilgrimage to New York for the coveted burger, I have good news for you. Boston now has Shake Shack!

Chestnut Hill marks the first of three (or more chains) destined for beantown. The second just opened a week ago in Harvard Square and a third will open in Back Bay later this year. My first encounter with the ‘beef patty sandwich’ was a single shake shack burger in 2012, a taste that I have not forgotten till this day. My immediate objective was to find that same taste in the shake shack outlets here in Boston to find out if they are serving the bona fide burger (The one from Madison Square. Never disappointed).

Turns out, the double burger came out a little dry, probably from over cooking. There was no pinkness in the meat, and the only juice’ I could taste came from the melted cheese. The vegetables looks fresh, tasted great. The bottom bun was not soggy, a sign that the juices from the patty had been lost to the grill long before it ended up on may plate. Nonetheless, it was a fine burger, much better than In-and-Out imo (Cali residents, I apologize. Its me, not you… ).

(Updated) Fortunately, the newly opened joint does a much better job serving a smash-style burger that does not hold back on its juices. Boston, you have to try this!


49 Boylston St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

(617) 651-3406

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