Hailed the ‘Best Ice Cream’ in Boston. Does it live up to its name? Frankly, I don’t know, having tasted only a few ice cream parlors in beantown. However, nothing says ‘legit’ like the never-ending queue that seems to form independent of the weather. Sure, I am exaggerating a little, but it has its cult following here and so far, everyone I have spoken to about the place seems to swear by it. Toscanini’s sells coffee, a range of tea, so I am not surprised to see many unique flavors that have come out of the combination of frozen heavy cream with any of these beverages. A hot favorite is the earl grey flavor, which I think is light and not sickeningly dense. Mix it with a strong flavor and you can probably eat at Toscanini’s all day long. Another thing I like about the place is its indie photography exhibit. I am not sure if the featured artist has changed since my last visit, but I would like to see a healthy rotation of works from aspiring local photographers and artists.

Personally, while I enjoy the flavors, I don’t find the texture spectacular. There is nothing about the ice cream that screams transcendence, and if I am eating alone, I would much rather pay $4 for a pint of Ben and Jerries than $3 for a scoop. That said, the scoops do scale up favorably, so opt for larger portions to share and you won’t be disappointed.

(Update 03/04/2014) Thanks to my readers who suggested other flavors, I now agree that Toscanini is indeed a gem of cambridge. While there are bound to be black sheep amongst the flavors, there are definitely great ones too, e.g the green tea for, choco rum chip, earl grey, matcha etc. I will continue to list flavors I like here. If you don’t find something smooth, don’t give up. Try again!


899 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139

(617) 491-5877



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