The first restaurant week of the season. I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic start, but it was not bad either. Toscano does serve some respectable items on their menu, but you may have to dig deep into review sites to find their hidden gems.

To start the meal, they serve warm focaccia with a nice and fragrant olive oil. We ordered the meatball for appetizer and used the focaccia to mop up every bit of the tangy goodness. The meatball tasted more pork than beef, which is a little different from what I was used to, in a good way. The meatball was flavorful, not too tough, and you get five of it. While I am not sure if meatballs should be considered a good appetizer if the goal was to have a balanced three-course meal, I do know that as a grad student, more food = more value = satisfaction!


The entrees were mediocre, to say the least. The veal was thin and chewy, the steak did not have the thickness needed for a substantial bite, and the salmon had definitely seen better times/texture. The desserts barely made up for the dismal entrees. The pistachio ice cream had great flavor, but the texture could use some working on. The tiramisu? Too sweet and too dense, nothing like the airy goodness it is supposed to be. The only highlight was the white chocolate blluberry tart, which should have been included on the restaurant week menu! The crust was crumbly, the white chocolate was soft and not overly sweet. Now throw in some blueberry and you have got a balanced dessert.

The experience at Toscano was far from great, but there were definitely highlights, like the focaccia, the meatballs and the oh-so-good blueberry tart. At $20 for a restaurant week lunch, it is definitely still worth a try.

52 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Harvard Square
(617) 354-5250

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