Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen is a restaurant located in New Hampshire. At first glance, this looks like a place where you can expect to part with at least $30 dollar for a simple plate of pasta. This is probably true for dinner, but for lunch, but we actually paid a lot less for a lot more! Just look at the appetizers. For $10, you get to try 6 samples of meat and cheese, and it was considered a one person share. This was the first time I tried parmesan with honey, and it just works! I could have easily eaten the appetizers as a meal along with their best-I’ve-ever-tasted ciabatta.

Ciabatta o ciabatta… I can’t really put a finger on why it was so good. Maybe it is the crust, that crackles like a symphony, but not overly tough. Maybe it is the center, which is fragrant, a little salty, light, soft, and not rubbery at all. Maybe it helps that the bread are freshly baked, so it arrives warm and moist. With my underdeveloped palette for italian food, I can’t tell you what makes a good ciabatta, but this iteration has definitely set a new benchmark for me!

Their ravioli was well made, and it comes in two sizes. 6 pieces of ravioli look deceiving small, but they do make for quite a substantial meal. As for the sandwiches, they were definitely value for money. A large serving of truffle fries with a hearty sandwich, all for slight over $10. I mean, truffle fries alone in other restaurants will cost upwards of $6 anyway, so this is really a steal. The only thing I am not a big fan of was the pork tenderloin, which was the opposite of tender actually.

All in all, definitely a place I will visit again.

(Do stop by their grocery section. Yes, they sell a lot of italian goods, so if you know way around Tuscan food, you will not be disappointed!)

67 Main St
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 952-4875

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