Yume Wo Katare

Ramen ramen, what will I do without you. No, not maruchan, no instant ramen on my list. The ramen I go for, has to be rich, thick and full of savory goodness. It need not be fatty, but really, who can say no* to the translucent pieces of white gold that just melts.

Sadly, most of Boston’s offerings are severely lacking in taste(including my homemade attempt). Thankfully, there is one that stands out way above the rest, the one ramen to rule them all here…  in Boston* – Yume no Katare.


Yume serves jiro style ramen, a hearty and tasty mix full of bold flavors coming from the tonkotsu broth, shoyu and freshly chopped garlic. You can tell from the photos that it is no light meal. Despite my huge appetite, I find that it can be a stretch trying to finish the whole bowl while still enjoying all of it. Unlike the more delicate style of ramen served at ippudo, the ramen here delivers bite after bite of thick satiating noodles, which is fantastic for a starving graduate student. But even so, I highly recommend that you request for less noodles. Not only does it become more manageable, you will also get more soup, which I personally think is the highlight of the meal anyway.


The restaurant culture is a little quirky, with 4 rows of table arranged in…. rows. The customers will face the chef while waiting for him to ask that one awkward question in english, ‘Garlic?’. Yume practises what I think is the ideal ramen culture – eat and shoo. No chit chats, not drinks, no dinner convo, just plain good food. This not only maximizes Yume’s profit, it also minimizes the wait time, allowing more hungry students to be served on the few precious nights Yume is opened. Oh, did I mention, the stall has the habit of closing for long stretches at a time, so it is extremely important to stay up to date with their schedule before committing to queue, which will last nothing short of 45 min. One advice. Finish your noodles. You will be rewarded with something special!


(Update) For the month of Jan ’14, the last week will be closed.

Below are some links I would recommend anyone who wishes to learn more about ramen to read. As always, Kenji from Serious Eats does a fantastic job in translating ramen jargon into something easily digestible.

More about yume. <\a>

*If you are serious about ramen. Head to NY or Singapore. Even better, head to Japan and try all the different types that rameniac.com has introduced.


1923 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
Neighborhood: Porter Square

(617) 714-4008

*I know someone who said no and she did not get ‘perfect’. Hmm

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